Galerías Pacífico

Galerías Pacífico is the commercial name of a shopping center in Buenos Aires, owned by the Sutton Dabbah Group. It was inaugurated on May 18, 1992, and is located in the historic Edificio del Pacífico, a 19th-century building in the city center. It occupies the entire city block bounded by Florida, Viamonte, San Martín, and Córdoba Avenue.

At the center of Galerías Pacífico, there are a series of famous murals created between 1945 and 1947 on the interior wall of the dome. These murals were painted by renowned Argentine artists such as Antonio Berni, Lino Spilimbergo, Juan Carlos Castagnino, Demetrio Urruchúa, and Galician artist Manuel Colmeiro Guimarás. They are considered the most important manifestation of Argentine muralism. 

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