Tomo uno

Tomo 1 began to take shape in 1970 when Ada and Ebe Concaro opened a tea house, a very promising business at the time. However, this venture located on Monroe and Montañeses - in the heart of Belgrano - was short-lived. Far from giving up, they renovated the building and reopened it as a restaurant in early 1971. Twelve years later, they outgrew the space and decided to move to a small hotel on Las Heras Avenue, where they stayed until Panamericano invited them to move to their former location in 1994.

Over the years, Tomo 1 gained prestige among experts. It was awarded the Tenedor de Oro in 1980, has been consistently ranked among the top restaurants in Fernando Vidal Buzzi's 'A lo Buenos Aires' guide, and more recently, it was included in the 50 Best Latam ranking.

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