Presidente Bar

Presidente Bar, named in honor of the first president Manuel Quintana, is located on the traditional and elegant Recoleta Avenue. It is housed in a small hotel that has been transformed into a multi-ambient club, a place for cocktail and food lovers. This gastronomic experience has recently gained popularity among the city's young-spirited professionals, who know how to blend flavors and sensations, exploring the vast array of available spirits and enjoying eating at the bar.

For a privileged few, there is a hidden room behind the library, creating a boudoir atmosphere with an intimate bar and ultra-premium ingredients.

For wine lovers, Chef Martín Ávalos' cuisine is ideal for pairing. They offer sushi with various sauces (the spicier ones being the best) and classic dishes that capture the essence of the Buenos Aires palate, yet demand a touch of refinement to match García's cocktails.

Recommended dishes include the slow-cooked salmon and the paprika octopus. The marinated ribeye is a great choice for red wine lovers, while the mushroom risotto is better suited for other preferences. Gnocchi and penne rigate pair well with white, rosé, or red wines. The atmosphere is dynamic and optimistic, attracting a medium-aged target audience, and even those of a more mature age who appreciate the great skill of the bartenders at Presidente.


Recoleta: Manuel Quintana 188 

San Isidro: Marquez y Fleming 

IG: @presidentebar

For reservations or information, please contact us at: +54 9 1162153181


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