Basa bar

In these times, it is a pleasure and somewhat surprising to enter a restaurant that is thriving. On a Thursday night, it's packed with music playing energetically, waitstaff moving swiftly and flawlessly, and a kitchen serving freshly made dishes.

Their well-stocked bar offers original cocktails and reimagined classics. The menu preserves several classics from the beginning, such as blood sausage with quail eggs, rice croquettes with cuartirolo cheese, sweetbreads with cane honey and grapefruit segments, and grilled spider crab with mustard dressing and Italian bread - all emblematic dishes of the house.

There is an abundant selection of homemade pastas (delicious pappardelle with seafood: baby octopus, prawns, tomato, pepperoncino) and rice dishes (milk risotto with braised lamb shank). Grilled, grilled, or oven-cooked meats are accompanied by a variety of side dishes to choose from. Among the desserts, they recommend sharing the Josephine, caramelized puff pastry layers with pastry cream and "plenty of dulce de leche".

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 12 pm to 3 pm and from 7 pm to 2 am.

IG: @basabsa

For reservations or information, please contact us at: +54 9 1162153181