Serrano square

Plaza Cortázar, commonly known as Plaza Serrano, has become the heart of the Palermo Soho district in Buenos Aires. It is home to many avant-garde clothing and design stores, as well as a wide variety of bars and restaurants. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Palermo, it is an ideal place for shopping, visiting art galleries, or enjoying a night out or a weekend outing.

Surrounding the plaza, you'll find numerous bars, many of which offer live music or theater performances, as well as a diverse range of restaurants with various gastronomic options, from affordable eateries to fine dining experiences.

Palermo has long been recognized as one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, offering a mix of restaurants, bars, theaters, and a wide range of clothing and design stores. It provides a wealth of options to suit all tastes. That's why it's a must-visit for tourists who want to explore the city, and as we play the role of tourists in our own beloved city, we couldn't miss the opportunity to explore it ourselves.