Augusta bar

Live Music in the Heart of Buenos Aires.

Located next to the City Golf Course in Palermo, it offers a privileged view of the fairways and wide-open skies. In this setting, it presents itself as an open-air tapas bar where you can enjoy the sunset and the night.

Opened in November 2021, since then they have also added some main dishes to their tapas menu (with more than 20 options), including salads, grilled dishes, and risottos. Its clientele ranges from 28 to 40 years old, precisely appealing to those who enjoy dining out and, instead of continuing the night at a nightclub, prefer to stay there, where the atmosphere gradually transforms into a bar. Here, they can meet new people, chat, and perhaps share a drink. The ambiance is complemented by a live.

For information or reservations, please contact us at 54 9 1162153181