El Vivero "Food, Beer & Drinks"

With lush greenery and flowers even in their drinks, Vivero has arrived to offer a unique proposition in the hometown of its founders. "There were hardly any themed bars in San Isidro, and that's why we decided to create a nursery where friends can come together to enjoy delicious food and drinks," says Juampi Iaizzo, the owner. And it's not just any nursery. With plenty of lights, plants in every corner, and a great terrace complete with a lighthouse, it stands out from typical bars and becomes an attraction in itself.

Their gastronomic proposal of "street food" - easy to eat but innovative - includes everything from chicken and bacon skewers to an onion blossom (a flower-shaped onion where you eat the petals). And of course, their burgers are highly acclaimed as well. Now, what to drink? Beer is abundant, as they have 11 craft taps that, true to San Isidro, showcase 100% local brews. Additionally, you can order one of their signature cocktails, all crafted with different fruits, syrups, essences, and fragrances.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday

IG: @elviveroba

For reservations or information, please contact us at: +54 9 1162153181